Cryohub: Our Story

Mercedes Diaz, MMP, CPT

You may have decided to become a client and have been following along but have never heard our story. Or, you may still be considering our services, and you are just curious. Whatever the reason, I wanted to share with you why I started Cryohub and what our vision is.

As a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, I witnessed the frustration of clients who worked hard to lose weight and yet still fell short of achieving their desired results. Over the 8 years I spent working one-on-one with clients, I started feeling disheartened by this obsession with the number on a scale that many of my clients tortured themselves with. One client ran 70 miles a week while suffering from low back pain and confessed to me that she was afraid to stop running for fear of gaining weight!

And she wasn't the only one.

I have had clients who were suffering from autoimmune diseases or recovering from surgeries that couldn't do the same things others could but still felt the need to push themselves beyond those limits. On the other hand, I had the people who were doing "everything right" but still had a little extra around the midsection, love handles, etc.  There just had to be a way for my clients to live a healthy balanced life and still address stubborn fat without sacrificing hours in the gym and risk injuries because of overtraining.  

Finally, I found some promising science behind Cryolipolysis.

In 2017, I had finally found a safe and effective device to help address these issues and decided to open Cryohub taking a cue from the proven European technique that had already been around for years. Unlike cool sculpting, Cryoskin is customizable; plus, you don't sit for hours with paddles suctioned to you. Most sessions last a maximum of thirty minutes as the technician moves a lightweight wand around to targeted areas. Featured in Elle and In Shape Magazine, Cryoskin technology is quickly becoming a US favorite. For those who work out and eat right, this may be just that little bit of extra required to slim the stomach, arms, and thighs, among other typical problem areas. In light of the science behind it, the Cryoskin machine can destroy both fats cells, reduce cellulite, and decrease inflammation and pain. It is this versatility that really caught my attention. Unlike some of the other treatment options out there, clients can come in and address stubborn fat gently while also decreasing inflammation and pain.  

With Cryohub, I hope to energize those who otherwise feel exhausted and drained by giving them back that positive body image that goes far beyond mere numbers on a scale. Exercise and diet are certainly crucial, but this is that finishing touch that I hope will free my clients and perhaps even you from punishing yourself with restrictive diets and back-breaking exercise.

Want to work with us?

If you are looking for a way out of fad-dieting and the endless cycle of not achieving your body composition goals, we can help. We offer cutting edge, science-backed cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage to help sculpt the stubborn fat right off you, reduce bloating and water retention, decrease inflammation, and increase circulation with our in house technologies.In addition, our weight management and healthy lifestyle coaching will be a great add-on if you are looking to lose weight or create healthier habits that last a lifetime.

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