Aging Skin Why does our skin show our age and what we can do to stop the clock

“How can I get rid of (insert signs of aging here)?” As an esthetician, it is the most common question I get. Almost always followed by, “Should I just get Botox/Filler/Face Lift?”, and/or “Am I a lost cause at this point?”. Before I recommend going under the needle or knife, I like to educate my clients about the common signs of aging, the causes, and what they can do now to see an improvement in the skin.

Common signs of aging skin and the causes:


Causes: Wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure breaks down connective tissue- collagen and elastin fibers. They are also caused by smoking. Smoking sucks the oxygen out of the skin, especially around the mouth. They can also be caused by dehydration and lack of nutrients.

Dark spots

Causes: Again, sun exposure is a huge contributor to dark spots, or “age spots”. These dark spots are caused by overactive melanin, or color, in our skin. In darker skin tones, this is reversed and can show up as lighter, or even white spots, on the skin due to the underactive melanin (basically the melanin is so overactive, it stops producing color all together). These spots can take anywhere from 5-20 years to show up. Meaning, that super fun spring break trip you took down to Punta Cana when you were 20 and got that really bad sunburn, might be showing the aftermath now in your 40s.

Loss of elasticity

Causes: Loss of elasticity, which can lead to “crepey”, loose, or sagging skin, is caused by the deterioration of connective tissue. These tissues are made up of collagen and elastin fibers and proteins. It is also caused by our blood slowing down circulation as we age. Blood carries oxygen and important nutrients, which promote healing and rebuilding of cells.


Causes: Lack of exfoliation, lack of oxygen, and dehydration. Dullness can make you look years older than you really are, and also make you look tired. Luckily, this is one of the easiest issues to fix!

Your skin is your largest organ, and covers your entire body, not just your face. Remember, signs of aging can show up anywhere on the body: neck, chest, stomach, arms, and legs. With that in mind, anything you use on your face can be used on your body, however, not everything you use on your body can be used on your face. So for the love of your skin, please stop using the bar of soap on your face!

Your options:

At home:

80% of good skin care begins at home. And it doesn’t have to be lengthy, expensive, or over the top. Sometimes simple is better!

Dry Brushing: Manual exfoliation which can be done on your body and face. It is a form of lymphatic massaging and draining. This promotes circulation, which increases oxygen and vital nutrients to the area. Great for wrinkles, dullness, cellulite, and “crepey” skin.

Video on dry brushing: Dry Brushing Technique for Lymph Health with Dr. Mindy Beck

Link to purchase dry brush:

Diagram for dry brushing:

Follow a simple skincare routine:

  1. Double cleanse your skin- wash with a deep cleanser twice. This should take 5-10 minutes. Go slow and use gentle massaging circles.

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  1. Exfoliate- this can be your dry brushing, a gentle face scrub, or an at home safe acid or lactic peel, or a retinol. Consult with a skincare professional as to which form of exfoliating is good for you and your skin type. You should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

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  1. Serum- Vitamin C is great for brightening (getting rid of dark spots) and tightening, Hyaluronic Acid is amazing for hydration, Peptides are the key to strengthening collagen production and reforming those loose bonds, and lastly, Hydroquinone prohibits melanin from forming and lightens the skin for a brighter and more even complexion.

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  1. Moisturize- Even if you have oily skin! It is important for all skin types to moisturize. Don’t be afraid of oils! Oils absorb the fastest in thin, aging skin.

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  1. SPF- Whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET SPF! It is arguably the most important step in a skin care routine. No matter the weather, or time of year. If the sun is up, sunscreen is going on!

In Office Procedures:

For the Face:

Cryofacials- helps boost circulation, increases collagen production and tightens skin, giving you a glow as soon as you’re done! No down time. Recommended 3-5 treatments.

Botox/Fillers- Results are almost immediate. Some down time due to bruising and/or swelling. Recommended maintenance every 4-6 weeks for Botox and 3-6 months for Fillers. *Important to do your research to find a reputable injector; must be a nurse in the state of Massachusetts

Oxygen Facials- Allows oxygen and products to penetrate the skin deeper and more effectively. Results for dullness and dry skin are immediate, results for reducing wrinkles are over the course of a few facials. No down time.

Chemical Peels- Deep exfoliation you can’t get at home. Treats fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, acne scarring. Some down time depending on strength. Chemical peels done by a medical professional will be stronger and require down time compared to chemical peels done by an esthetician. Recommended series of 4-12 depending on strength of the peel.

For the Body:

Cryotoning / Endospheres Therapy- Tightens, firms, removes toxins. Great for “crepey”, or loose skin. No downtime. Recommended 12-24 sessions

Infrared Sauna or Blanket- Fights water retention, aging, and stress, also removes toxins and increases circulation. No downtime. Recommended 15-45 minute sessions 1-2 times a week to start off.

Deep Tissue Massage- Increases circulation, and can break up fat and cellulite. No downtime. Recommended 1-2 times a month.

Spa Body Treatment- Basically a facial for your body! Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and moisturize all areas of your body. Increases circulation, helps products penetrate deeper into the skin (plus get all the spots you can’t reach on your own!). No downtime. Recommended once a month or every other month.

The Bottom Line

All in all, you are not a lost cause! Try a few of these at home fixes, and meet with a skin care professional to talk about your concerns.

At Cryohub we offer free phone & in person consultations on all of our professional in studio treatments and all of our professionals are licensed estheticians who can answer any questions you have about a custom skin care routine for you.


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