Endospheres Therapy for Cellulite

What causes cellulite in the first place?

The first thing you need to know about cellulite is that it's caused by an imbalance between the amount of fat cells and the amount of collagen fibers in your skin.

There are several things that cause cellulite, such as genetics, hormones, diet, weight gain, pregnancy, age, and exercise. However, there are also some lifestyle changes that can help prevent cellulite from forming. One of these is eating a healthy diet. A balanced diet will provide you with enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep your body functioning properly. This will help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid gaining too much fat.

When you have too many fat cells, they get trapped under the skin and create a "dimpling effect" or pockets of fat. This causes the skin to look bumpy and uneven.

If you have cellulite, then you probably have more than one fat cell. These fat cells are called adipocytes. Adipocytes are found in different parts of the body, including the thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts, stomach, and face. They are responsible for storing energy and maintaining the right balance between calories consumed and burned.

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Collagen fibers keep the skin firm and smooth. They also help prevent dimpling from forming.
Collagen is an essential component of connective tissue, which helps give our bodies structure and support. It is made up of three proteins: collagen type I, II, and III. Collagen type I is the main protein in tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, and blood vessels. Collagen type II is present in muscles, cartilage, and bones. And collagen type III is found in skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

What is Endosphères Therapy?

Endosphères Therapy is a technology that uses an innovative Compressive Micro vibration system. A treatment generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations through a roller device composed of 55 silicone spheres. This acts on the leading causes of cellulite: lymphatic stasis, the retention of fluids, and the build -up of fat cells. The treatment followed a precise protocol developed by the Fenix Scientific Committee and performed on the whole body and face.

Is Endosphères Therapy safe?

Endosphères Therapy is a clinically tested technology; tests have been carried out at reputable universities and medical institutes. The treatment follows a precise scientific protocol. Practitioners receive their training certification, which we provide in full upon application to practice the therapy. Endosphères Therapy is a non-surgical treatment; it’s 100% safe and has no side effects.

12 Sessions

How many treatments for the best results?

While results vary person to person, most clients will see best results after 12 treatments. Because this treatment is cumulative (meaning the more treatments you do the better the result) we normally recommend people start with a series of 12 if you are looking to make an impact on your cellulite. People who have very minimal cellulite could potentially start with 6 treatments. If you have a lot of cellulite or conditions like lipedema you may need to start with 24 treatments.

Once you have started the process and cycled through at least a minimum of 12 treatments your results can last 4-6 months With maintenance, results last 8-10 months after the initial series; without maintenance, results will last 4-6 months after the initial series. It is important that you maintain a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle to get the best and most long lasting results.

15 Sessions

Before & After Care

Before your treatment It is recommended to urinate prior to your Endosphères Therapy session, as you will likely have the strong urge to urinate after the treatment. It is recommended to wear thong underwear for your body treatment, because your technician will be working the entire body including your glutes. After your treatment It is recommended to drink a lot of water to help your lymphatic system keep moving.

If you would like to learn more about how the endospheres therapy works, please contact us and request a consultation. We offer free consultations and we  will answer any questions you might have.

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