How Cryotherapy Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Your body works day in and out, ensuring that you have the energy to finish deadlines at work before the holidays, accomplish chores, and of course, have time for Friday nights and weekend getaway. All these are fun to do and makes you feel accomplished, but too much of anything is never good. In time, you find yourself sick and unable to get up from the bed. 

With a cold and headaches to battle, you feel as though you’ll never see the winter sun again. Getting sick in the winter is all but a normal occurrence, as people will likely have contracted the flu due to the changes in weather. With the current state of the world, however, a sore throat and a stuffy nose can mean a lot more than just the winter flu. 

Although the coronavirus will unlikely be the culprit, the daily stressors of your life will likely be contributing to your lowered immune system. As a result, you’re now in bed, sipping on hot chicken soup willing for the aches to go away.

Thankfully, there is a way to keep such conditions at bay, and it involves the power of ice once more—cryotherapy. Still in need of convincing? Here are the top three benefits it can bring you:

Benefit #1: Increased blood flow

Cryotherapy works by helping our bodies send blood to our core, increasing blood flow in our vital organs. This helps provide our vital organs with much-needed circulation, and also helps enrich our blood with oxygen and nutrients. The process helps ensure the health and proper functioning of our vital organs.

After a cryotherapy session, when your body starts to warm up again, the blood vessels in your extremities begin to open up, helping your blood supply oxygen and nutrients to your limbs. The improved circulation helps improve tissue repair and proper functioning as well.

Benefit #2: Decreased cortisol production

Cortisol is often referred to as the “stress hormone” because the increased production of this compound in your body is associated with higher levels of stress. Experts state that copious amounts of stress leads to many negative effects, such as a lowered immune system and susceptibility to physical and psychological illnesses.

Cryotherapy helps your body mitigate the effects of cortisol by helping your body produce endorphins that help reduce cortisol levels. With lower cortisol levels, your body can then experience reduced amounts of stress, making you healthier and less susceptible to various diseases.

Benefit #3: Improved responses 

You may assume so, but your body’s exposure to the winter season will be different from the cold temperatures needed in cryotherapy sessions. Here, your internal body temperature naturally lowers, allowing your body to change and become more alert to what it perceives as danger. 

This level of awareness will then allow your blood flow to work faster, causing your brain to work better and in turn, your overall senses. Once it happens, your organs get a fresh dose of blood and nutrients, allowing for better organ functions—including your immune system.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure 

Our bodies can withstand a variety of extreme conditions, but winter can leave your body vulnerable to the clutches of flu. In such cases where the demands of the holiday season looming near, you need to adapt the adage “prevention is better than cure”. You’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to your immune system and overall health. With everything discussed,  cryotherapy certainly offers you just that.

The only thing left to do now is to book—and we know the right place to do so! Cryohub offers you top-rated cryotherapy in Massachusetts, guaranteed to be performed by the best of the best. Discover wellness like no other—book a free consultation today. 

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