Winter Is Here for Your Skin - What to Know About Cryofacial

The prospect of freezing your face for beauty may seem like a concept from a utopian novel, but given the current innovative procedures currently available, this one should come as no surprise. Cryofacial is a rising trend, one that involves the use of a device like Cryoskin to subject your skin to low temperatures in order to yield lifting and smoothing effects. 

The procedure takes only around 30 minutes, a treatment using a special tool called Cryoskin. This essentially freezes your skin, including the face, neck, and even scalp area. As a result, the body subjected to extremely low temperatures begins to unravel, amping up the brightening, lifting, and energizing effects. Pores will begin to tighten, while fine lines and wrinkles will be filled. Any inflammation and redness will also be soothed, while collagen production will be stimulated. 

While the idea of subzero temperatures may not seem ideal, the benefits of the facial procedure are undeniable. The Cryoskin device essentially works like a magic potion, and the procedure itself will not come with any pain. 

If you wish to learn more about this new crowd favorite, here’s a quick guide you can follow. You may want to book an appointment straight away after this, so keep your mobile phone within reach:

What happens during the cryofacial procedure?

The entire process will unfold like your regular facial sessions, and you’ll be asked to lie down on the bed while your face is washed.  The treatment will last for around 30 minutes, most of which shall be employed using a massage technique developed by our specialists. You will be first subjected to around 2 minutes of heat, closely followed by the magic of the Cryoskin. Your skin will then be exposed to cold temperatures, and to finish the session, another 3 minutes of heat will be employed. 

The procedure may not seem like much, but the main purpose of the heat-cold-heat juxtaposition is to lower the temperature of the fat cells, allowing them to go into apoptosis. This helps your skin’s face to tighten, while the cold temperatures will address conditions such as big pores, inflammation, and other skin conditions.

The entire process will feel rather different, especially since you’ll be experiencing subzero temperatures touching your skin. Once you get used to the sensation, the entire process will feel calming and refreshing, done in merely thirty minutes. 

What should I do after the procedure?

Thanks to the completely safe and non-invasive method, you won’t have to worry about preparation and downtimes. Most specialists won’t require you to partake in any aftercare instructions altogether, as the entire procedure is highly versatile. 

You can also keep your makeup on during the procedure or perhaps even re-apply it, all without any repercussions. Everything will depend on your specific needs and preferences!

What kind of results will I be getting after the facial procedure?

There’s a reason why celebrities enjoy cryofacial—the results are instantaneous. You’ll see an unreal level of youthful glow right after, one that may have previously been absent. Women all over the world enjoy this almost magical glow, and any lines will be less noticeable. 

Any breakouts will be reduced into small spots, to later go away in the coming days. It’s essentially a procedure you’ll be getting regularly, especially since waiting time is essentially non-existent—you’ll get value for money in an instant (specifically, in 30 minutes’ time).

Achieving The Highly Coveted Youthful Skin

From everything gathered, it cannot be denied that cryofacial is indeed worth your money. You’ll be saying goodbye to multiple skincare products, leaving your spaces only with the essentials. That instant glow will be one for the books, especially since you won’t have to deal with repercussions and downtimes. All it takes is 30 minutes of your day—the only thing left to do is to book an appointment today!

For the best cryotherapy in Boston, Cryohub is the place to call. We offer you only the best solutions, all designed to help you achieve your best self. Allow our professionals to help you get the results you want—book a consultation with us today.

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