Coolsculpting Vs. Cryoskin

Mercedes Diaz, MMP, CPT
You may have heard of CoolSculpting, after all, it is a nation wide brand that is sold across 1,000’s of medical spas across the nation. However, there is a newer, more affordable competitor that works in the same way, that can save you $1,000’s of dollars in body contouring treatments-- even if they don’t have nationwide branding. The name is CryoSkin.

What is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin is a device that was developed in Italy by Pagani-a medical device manufacturer- and 3 years ago, was brought to the United States by a small company named Artemis Distribution. The founder of Artemis, Simon Mansell, was visiting Paris with his wife, when they stumbled upon the Cryoskin device. They tried it and were blown away by the effectiveness and instant results. The rest was history.

The Cryoskin device itself functions by a Peltier effect (thermoelectric cooling) regulated by a hydraulic system. These characteristics, which are very difficult to obtain, make it possible to enact a very rapid cooling of the fat tissues while avoiding the risk of lesions of the skin tissue due to an application that is too long.

How does it work?

Cryolipolysis, is the principle of both Coolsculpting and Cryoskin, which works by lowering the temperature of the fat cells, enough to cause apoptosis (fat cell death.) In this article, we will be discussing the differences between CoolSculpting and CryoSkin.

Difference #1: 44% Visible Reduction in Fat Versus 22%

Clients will notice more fat loss over a lesser period of time with CryoSkin. Specifically, 44% less visible fat. CoolSculpting clients will see an average of 22% fat reduction in treated areas. It's also worth noting that CoolSculpting can only treat areas that bulge as there must be enough fat to suction and clamp.

Difference #2: Same Value, Less Money

On average, CoolSculpting can cost you anywhere between $1,400 and up to $6,000 per cycle depending on how much fat you need to lose and how many “paddles” you need. The high costs are also due to the fact that you generally need more of these paddles for each section that you are treating. Conversely, CryoSkin can target your entire target area for $350-$1500.

(Immediately after a CoolSculpting procedure)

Difference #3: Less Painful

One of the biggest complaints with CoolSculpting is the application itself. CoolSculpting is applied with painful clamps and suction that can cause bruising. CryoSkin on the other hand is applied with a gentle massage technique that at most leaves you with minimal swelling due to the cold and is often gone within 15-20 minutes after the treatment.

Difference #4: See Results Sooner

Most CoolSculpting providers wait about 1 to 3 months to see if an area would benefit from being treated again. That's a hefty amount of time to hope to see results, especially if you're planning for a major event, like a wedding. With CryoSkin, the first results are generally visible from the first session. Although the immediete results are encouraging, it should be noted that the best results appear from 14 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment. Clients will experience optimal results when pairing CryoSlimming with CryoToning or Endospheres Therapy.


In summary, CoolSculpting may be the more well known brand, but, something better is always around the corner, and that something better is CryoSkin. Although both treatments have their similarities - they are both non-invasive, both operate off the principle of Cryolipolysis and ultimately, they both destroy your fat cells, there are definitely key differences that make CryoSkin the best treatment (for your body, and your wallet.) When you choose CryoSkin, you will see more noticeable results (44% visible fat reduction.) It's also more affordable with more treatments and 1/3 of the cost. You'll experience a more comfortable treatment, and you'll see results sooner - many clients even see results after their very first treatment.

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