Our signature, permanent fat reduction treatments.

Single Treatment $350

5 Treatments $1500

10  Treatments $2750

20 Treatments $5000

Endospheres Therapy

Our deepest cellulite, water retention and bloating treatment. Results last 6-8 months after a cycle of 12-24 treatments.

Single Treatment $250

12 Treatments $2400

24 Treatments $3200

Additional Services

Cryofacials **

Our "natural" botox alternative. Results last 3-4 months after a cycle of 4-6 treatments.

Single Treatment $250

4 Treatments $600

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage *

60 minutes $97

90 minutes $147

Infrared Sauna **

30 minutes $49

45 minutes $55







Why Cryoslimming?

  • It's effective & permanent
    Our clients see noteworthy improvements after just 3 - 6 treatment sessions over a few weeks and best part is the results are permanent.
  • It's pain-free
    We apply low temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells without damage to your skin. And it's painless.
  • Designed for you
    Our certified staff will prescribe treatment based on your individual goals and problem areas.
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Before and after
We helped hundreds of our clients look slimmer. Here's just a few examples of what's possible with Cryotherapy.
“Rachel is absolutely the best.  Kind and caring consultations, effective techniques, and it's painless with visible results.”
Cienna C.
Verified customer
Naturally destroy fat cells without any damage to the skin. Look slimmer and younger in weeks.
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