Top 5 ways to create a sustainable weight loss plan without restriction

The best diet in the world is ....a diet you can sustain for life. 

No, I hate to tell you it's not keto or low carb or plant-based or paleo. 

Even the Mediterranean Diet (which is scientifically proven to be the healthiest diet) won't work for you if you can't sustain it. 

My goal in this email is not to tell you exactly what to eat, but to show you that you can, technically, eat anything and still lose or at the very least maintain a healthy weight. 

Here are my top 5 ways to create a sustainable weightloss plan without restriction that will last a lifetime: 

1. Stop restricting foods

Ever heard of the French Paradox? It's this phenomena where scientists have noticed that the French are some of the slimmest people in the world and yet they have an extremely varied and indulgent cuisine. Mediterranean cultures like the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese have the whole "everything in moderation" figured out. They don't label foods as bad or good, but moderate them depending on the health of the food. So fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, freshly baked breads(no additives or preservatives) poultry, fish and full fat dairy take priority in their diets, while decadent cheeses, wine and pastries are eaten in smaller amounts. 

The key takeaway here is: When you restrict food it creates a psychological desire to binge on that food later. So, don't restrict any foods you love. Eat from a place of moderate abundance to avoid the pitfalls of the restriction-binge cycle. 

2. Eat slower

Did you know your body takes 15 minutes to register that you have consumed something? Most of us have stuffed our faces in 5 minutes and haven't given our bodies time to actually adjust to the food being eaten. This can cause overeating and throw off your body's signals that you are full. It's what happens when you are starving and eat an entire pizza and then feel uncomfortably stuffed. 

Instead, eat smaller meals if you are in a rush and can't sit down to eat and wait to eat a larger meal when you can sit for at least 30 minutes to slowly eat it. 

The key takeaway here is: Eating slowly gives your body time to adjust to the food you are eating and oftentimes you will be ready to stop eating well before you have finished your meal. Even if you eat the entire meal, you will be creating more body awareness through this practice, which will lead to less consumption. 

3. Pick Real Foods over Processed

Ok, I know I said you can eat anything -- and you can, and should, in moderation. However, when you pick real foods over processed foods, you will be taking with it the full benefit of nutrients and fiber which can create more satiety. Creating more satiety will help you not overeat and additionally helps to control your appetite between meals. 

The key takeaway here is: If you have the choice to pick real foods (including pastries that have been made from high-quality ingredients) over processed, it will always satisfy you more than the lower nutrient dense foods. 

4. Portion Control (as if your life depends on it, because it just might)

Ok take a look at this picture: 

In this picture, you can see clearly why we are having an obesity problem in this country. All of our portions are just entirely too big for most of us. when you are unknowingly consuming larger than life portions it makes it incredibly hard to lose/maintain weight. 

The other problem is that because we are accustomed to these sizes we actually get upset if we go to a restaurant and they give us a smaller portion of food! What a rip off, right? Wrong. They are doing you a favor. 

In addition to this oversized portion issue, many of us starve all day and then we are ravenous when we get home, making it harder to eat slower and mind our portions. We think: "I haven't had anything to eat today so I can eat whatever I want". That can cause binge eating, making it very likely that you will eat more calories than you would have, had you just ate regularly throughout the day. 

The key takeaway here is: While you shouldn't restrict yourself from foods you love (who doesn't love a good cheeseburger) always remember that we are living in a society with portion distortion and everywhere we go we are inundated with larger than life portions. When in doubt, at restaurants, especially where you can't measure and know exactly what's in your food, cut your portion in half and eat that first (slowly). Drink some water and wait to see if you need more. If not, have the waiter take your plate and move on to dessert! More than likely, if you do the same with your dessert you will have eaten less calories and will still be satisfied. 

5. Moderate your alcohol consumption

It's important to moderate your drinking (especially on the day of your Cryoslimming treatments). Firstly, alcohol can quickly add up calorically, but more than that alcohol blocks fat burning. When you consume alcohol your body has to switch gears and the liver starts working to move the alcohol out of your body. It's going to be much harder in general for us to do our magic with our machines when you are over-consuming alcohol. Limit yourself to no more than 1-2 lower calorie alcohol drinks a day (low calorie beer, wine or spirits) and skip your drink on the days of your appointments. 

The key takeaway here is: Alcohol calories will add up and block fat burning. Do your best to keep drinking to a minimum while you are on a weight-loss or Cryohub journey. 

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